UPS Manufacturing Process: Packaging

By Logan Bridges

At United Poly Systems we follow a rigid, multi-step manufacturing process to ensure our HDPE products meet our tight quality standards and the customer’s specifications.  

Once a manufacturing run is complete, the set length of pipe is cut with a rotary automated cutter.  The cutters are triggered to close down to the surface of the pipe, radiate at a high rate of speed and slowly cut into the wall of the pipe, producing a smooth and uniform cut. The extruded, inspected and cut pipe is made ready to ship on either coils, reels or straight-line sticks.  

    1. Coils:  Coiling machines wrap the extruded pipe. The coilers have paddles on the end that can hold the pipe to itself, forcing it to wind onto a coil without requiring an inner core. Once the coil is complete, it is banded and removed from the machine. Coils can be placed upright for shipment or laid horizontally for palletized packaging. 
    2. Reels:  The reel process is similar to the coil process, except a large metal reel is mounted on the coiler and then physically attached to the pipe. The pipe wraps around the reel. When complete, the reel is banded, removed from the coiler, set aside, and another reel placed on the coiler. 
    3. Straight Line or ‘sticks’: The straight lengths of pipe are cut to length, positioned onto pallets, and banded for shipment. 

Packaging options are selected based on diameter and length of pipe, and customer preferences to aid the installation process.

About United Poly Systems

United Poly Systems produces quality HDPE pipe in diameters from ¾-in. to 26-in. IPS, 4-in. to 24-in. DIPS and ¾-in. to 2-in. CTS for use in many industries including telecommunications, power utility, water, electrical and oil and gas. The market for HDPE pipe continues to expand as initiatives to improve, repair and expand the country’s infrastructure are implemented.

Our off-the-shelf HDPE conduit/pipe is available in a variety of sizes, colors, dimensions and lengths, with or without stripes. We also offer fully customizable HDPE conduit options. In addition, piping can be customized with a ribbed interior (to maximize the distance cable may be pulled or jetted), pull tape, or a lubricated interior (for easier installation).

Success at UPS can be attributed to our vast experience, extensive client relationships, state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality processes. Our agile business model that allows UPS to quickly meet customers’ needs without the overhead expenses that are incurred by many of the larger producers in the industry.

Conveniently located in Springfield, Missouri and Albuquerque, New Mexico, United Poly Systems can provide quick delivery to a majority of the U.S. market.

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