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UPS supplies UL conduit for West Coast highway infrastructure project

The busy highways and interchanges of Southern California present a unique set of challenges for laying communications and...

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Tags: Conduit, Power & Communications, General News

UPS and Irby Complete I-70 Broadband Project For Socen in Utah

South Central Communications, Utah, is an ILEC, Independent Local Exchange Carrier, that provides broadband services in rural...

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Tags: Conduit, Power & Communications

CARES Act Project Requires Rapid Response to Meet Tight Deadlines

Under CARES ACT stimulus funding for rural broadband, a large fiber optic telecommunications installation project was...

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Tags: Power & Communications

Using CARES Act funds for broadband implementation projects

One of the lesser known facets of The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is how...

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Tags: MicroPath, Conduit, Power & Communications

Microducts: The economical and future-proof data enhancement solution

Recent improvements in fiber construction have made microducts an economical option to traditional cabling products and...

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Tags: MicroPath