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HDPE Piping Solutions to Update the Nation’s Infrastructure

There has been much discussion on the need to update, replace and repair the nation’s aging infrastructure. Bridge failures,...

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Tags: Water, MicroPath, Conduit

Increasing US broadband speed with Microducts, look toward South Korea

As microducts and microtrenching gain momentum in the US broadband market, South Korea’s progress provides a roadmap.

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Tags: MicroPath, Conduit

New Crystal Line Pipe in CTS diameters for water and sewer

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Crystal Line™ family of HDPE pipe. Available in Copper Tube Sizes (CTS) from...

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Tags: Conduit

HDPE pipe terminology - everything you need to know

Are you new to the HDPE piping world? No problem. Take a few minutes between projects to review the below collection of common...

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Five useful piping websites for your reference

Here is a listing of five useful websites containing plastic pipe reference material that many professionals in the pipe...

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HDPE Pipe vs. PVC Pipe: Examining the Commonalities and Differences

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polyvinyl Choride (PVC) pipes are popular choices for many types of industrial...

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Tags: Conduit, Oil & Gas